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The Balancing Power of Shamanic Reiki

Deana Paqua with Q'ero Shamans, Sacred Valley, Peru

Deana Paqua, MA, LMT of Embody the Sacred™, is offering shamanic Reiki, incorporating the powerful combination of Reiki with the ancient spiritual practices of shamanism that are common to many cultures and traditions. Sessions include the light hands-on touch of Reiki with shamanic healing techniques such as crystal healing, sound healing through rattles and drum, and receiving guidance from the spirit world. “Through shamanic Reiki participants can connect with the energy and spirit of everything in nature and the heavens for guidance and empowerment”, says Paqua.

       Paqua will also be offering Shamanic Reiki classes this Fall for Reiki practitioners, in which they will learn to use basic tools common to many shamanic traditions to deepen their Reiki practice. Topics include: working with crystals and stones; connecting with angels, spirit guides and power animals; intention for healing; shamanic journeying; Reiki drumming; and basic energy clearing techniques.

       Paqua is a holistic massage therapist, Reiki master, and shamanic practitioner trained in many forms of energy medicine and shamanic healing. She felt the call to become a healer after her miraculous recovery from a near-fatal car accident.

Learn more at Deana Paqua’s office is located at the CT Center for Change, 38B Grove Street, Ridgefield.


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