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Salt Cave Flourishes in Darien

The Salt Cave of Darien is excited to celebrate its six-month anniversary of being open and breathing healthfully. 

This salt cave surrounds visitors with tons of authentic Himalayan pink salt, which contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as 84 minerals and nutrients. As the purest natural salt for inhalation, breathing the vapors takes healing properties deep into the respiratory system. It can help over time for some people with respiratory conditions and skin ailments while the negative ions it contains are great for stress relief and inflammation issues.  

Owner Arianne O’Donnell opened the Salt Cave of Darien as a direct response to her stress from work. Realizing that the high stress levels were not sustainable, she set out to learn more about the calming benefits of this salt. O’Donnell traveled to a famous Poland salt mine called Wieliczka, which has a health resort for treatment of patients. The facility also uses the brine in a line they created of cosmetic face and body products that O’Donnell sells at her location. 

In addition to adult and children sessions (where children play in the salt), the Salt Cave of Darien offers sessions like meditation, yoga, stretch and coffee chats.  Clients can rent the entire cave for a group event up to 12 people for a happy hour.  

For more information on the salt cave and events, call 203-658-7667 or  visit Location: 555 Post Rd, Darien.

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