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Stressbusters 2020 Available Online from Institute of Holistic Health Studies

Christel Autuori

Christel Autuori

Through Western Connecticut State University’s Institute of Holistic Health Studies, Director 
Christel Autuori presents an online guide to relieving all the stress we are no doubt feeling these days. Stressbusters 2020 is available online at, full of helpful tips and tricks from experts in stress relief.

“We need stressbusters now, more than ever, with all the stress and upheaval in our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is much uncertainty (and uncertainty creates anxiety) about what will happen next, how long before we have a vaccine and will life ever return to normal? The antidote to anxiety about the future is mindfulness, and to be in the present moment,” says
Autuori. “To help draw our attention in and be present in the moment, we have assembled a group of holistic practitioners who have generously shared their expertise and offered their own methods and modalities to help everyone better manage the stress and the stressors in our lives.”

Autuori, Jesse Rovero, Marcia Kendall and Dr. Robyn Housemann offer meditations; Lara Ward offers a restorative yoga practice; Bobbi Soares presents an experience in sound healing; Alison Birks provides information on adaptogenic herbs for stress; Dr. Sheri Marshall offers a video on energy, caffeine and good lifestyle habits; Dr. Deborah Augenbraun offers Creating Calm Meditations; Autuori has tips for busting stress in seconds; and a group of WCSU students have created a website with other information and techniques to help relax and destress.

Autuori recommends that people look at the offerings and try one or several of these practices, once, or several times, as they wish. “Be gentle with yourself, be patient. Taking just a little time each day, to settle yourself, to give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation, can make a positive difference in your life, make the day go more smoothly, and bring you a sense of calm and peace,” she says.

“I am happy that we have a dozen offerings, and I plan to keep Stressbusters up on the web… well into the spring semester,” says Autuori. “In fact, I would like to keep it as a permanent section of the webpage and continue to add more offerings to it.”

For more information, email [email protected] or visit

Institute for Holistic Health Studies

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