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Weekly Summer Sessions with Lectio 360

Lectio 360 will be observing summer hours for July and August, with a once-a-week Zoom session. Join Meg Reilly on Friday afternoons at 4:30pm for 30 minutes of contemplative self-care via Zoom.

Lectio comes to English from the Latin root word for “a reading” or “a selection”; 360 reminds us of the resources of the world’s great writers and poets from the past to the present, the completeness of a full circle and the depth of meaning that can be found in anything from a single clear drop of water to the complexity of the universe in a mandala. The purpose of Lectio 360 is to deepen and strengthen our personal spiritual practice—to help ground us in the sacred in every thing, every day.

In this practice, Reilly selects a piece (poetry or prose) to inspire. She invites attendees to simply listen and attend to their own internal process. All attendees have to do is receive and let the words they hear connect with their own inner voice.

In each 30-minute session, participants will hear the selected verse four times. They are encouraged to keep a journal or notepad at hand to write down any meaningful words they hear and note their personal, inner commentary.

For more information, and to sign up for reminder emails with a Zoom link, visit Visit and sign up for a weekly Monday morning letter
on how to live with compassion for yourself and others. See ad, page 13.

Meg Reilly 360 - NA Darien CT

Meg Reilly 360

Meg Reilly My goal is to help you live with compassion for yourself and for others. I employ a humanistic, eclectic approach with an inclusive view of body, mind and spirit through on... Read More » 


Lectio 360 - NA Darien CT

Lectio 360

The purpose of Lectio 360 is to deepen and strengthen your personal spiritual practice; to help ground you in the sacred in every thing, every day. ​ Each session is 30 minutes. I read... Read More » 


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