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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

2022 Wellness Dream Team Profiles

Take Your Health to the Next Level: Build your Wellness Dream Team. The following practitioners and businesses are ready to help you achieve your health and wellness goals in 2022. 

Academy For Soul Healing

Academy for Soul Healing-Eilis Philpott

I am a master healer and teacher, certified in numerous modalities as both a practitioner and teacher. I am the owner and founder of the Academy for Soul Healing, which offers trainings i... Read More » 


pWayne Leissbrp

Adventures in Connection-Wayne Leiss

I am a Certified Essential Oil Coach, Symphony of the Cells Educated Professional, Licensed Massage Therapist, world traveler and Adventure Bound Healer. Read More » 


AmpCoil-East Coast Center  OSYB

AmpCoil-East Coast Center & OSYB

AmpCoil sessions, health coaching and spiritual counseling. The AmpCoil system is a modern, intelligently designed wellness tool that supports physical, emotional and mental well-being. Y... Read More » 


pThe Angel Cooperative in Ridgefieldp

The Angel Cooperative • The Angel Wing

The Angel Cooperative is a unique metaphysical and lifestyle boutique. Our mission is to be purveyors of positivity (POP), offering one-stop shopping for the home, body and soul. Read More » 


pShirley Bloethebrp

Shirley R. Bloethe: Holistic Events/Wellness Promotions/Minister

Holistic and wellness matchmaking, holistic events coordinator, ceremonies, referrals and consulting for websites, marketing and collaborations. Business experience spanning more than 40 ... Read More » 


Challenging Minds Wellness Center

Challenging Minds Wellness Center

Challenging Minds Wellness Center believes in treating the whole person through offering holistic service options, including: Reiki, massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation, breath work an... Read More » 


Renee Edge

Edge to Health-Renee Edge

I am a Functional Nutrition Coach, which means I take a holistic approach to health by incorporating food, sleep, stress, fitness and toxic environmental factors, in the effort to reduce ... Read More » 


Deana Paqua

Embody the Sacred-Deana Paqua, MA, LM

Classes, training and certification programs in cross-cultural energy medicine and contemporary shamanism for Reiki and holistic practitioners including Andean mysticism, core shamanism... Read More » 


pRandy Schulmanbrp

EyeCare Associates, PC

EyeCare Associates and Dr. Randy Schulman have been serving Fairfield County as a leading provider of optometry services, vision care products, vision therapy, sports vision, neuro-optome... Read More » 


Haute Healing Oasis

Haute Healing Oasis

Haute Healing Oasis is a one-of-a-kind bio energy healing center featuring scientifically tested and internationally proven healing modalities that help the body heal itself naturally. Read More » 


pAmy Wiesnerbrp

Healthful Harmony, LLC-Dr. Amy Wiesner

I offer Qest4 Bio-Energetic Screening, personalized homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, lifestyle medicine, dietary advice and more. Read More » 


Barbara Bobbi Soares

Hummingbird Sound Yoga LLC- Barbara (Bobbi) Soares

Sound and vocal yoga classes; sound healing immersions including gongs, bowls, tuning forks, voice, transformational energy/shamanic Reiki; humming meditation, toning, deep listening; sac... Read More » 


Neeru Kaushik and Neha Kaushik

Institute for Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Therapies

Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medicine allows for the treatment of a multitude of conditions and ailments. Read More » 


pGail ChristieJoyful Living Reiki brp

Joyful Living Reiki LLC

As a Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, I help people tap into an ever-available flow of life force energy, develop enduring spiritual connections and release the energet... Read More » 


Beth Prins Leas

Beth Leas

Transformative healing sessions, intuitive readings, coaching programs, unique PlayShops—all designed to inspire and facilitate change in your life. Read More » 


pDorina Lesliebrp

Dorina Leslie, LMT

Therapeutic massage therapy, reflexology, pre- and post-natal Mother Massage, the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy and wellness coaching. Read More » 


Susan Ahlstrom

Lighter & Brighter Wellness - Susan Ahlstrom

I help women manage the stress and overwhelm of everyday life with holistic self-care techniques. Read More » 


pAlicia McKelvey brp

Dr. Alicia McKelvey - Medicine4LivingCT

Medicine for Living is an Integrative Medicine practice whose mission is to help clients achieve optimal health and disease prevention. Using powerful genomic tools, we are able to help p... Read More » 


Alexia Clonda

The Mind Breathing Edge - Alexia Clonda

I am a ThetaHealing teacher and Mindset and Breathing Coach with over 20 years of experience. I help mothers and daughters create healthy relationships. Read More » 


pJenn T Peterson brp

Jenn T. Peterson

I am a Certified Life & Business Coach trained by the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching and a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher with 15-plus years as a senior executive in advertising. Read More » 


Berta Prevosti

Rajayogini LLC: Berta Prevosti

Get the full studio experience from the comfort of home. is an online platform for meditation and yoga. We offer online classes in meditation and yoga, yoga teacher trainin... Read More » 


Salt Cave of Darien

Salt Cave of Darien

Our wellness destination offers a rich lineup of therapies and experiences: private cave rentals in our luxurious salt cave, couples/friends date night, salt cave sessions, massage and en... Read More » 



Nancy S. Scherlong, LCSW, PTR, CM

I offer life, wellness and creativity coaching as well as experiential and holistic psychotherapy. I utilize techniques such as EMDR and brainspotting, IFS, SE and expressive arts-based g... Read More » 


pEilis Philpott brp

Soul Healing Journey, LLC; Eilis Philpott

I am a master healer and teacher certified in numerous modalities. I offer soul-level healing, which clears blocks, obstacles and challenges that are preventing you from living your life ... Read More » 


pBradford W Tildenbrp

Bradford Tilden, MM, CMT, UWT; Crystal Music Healing

I teach professional certification classes in Universal White Time (UWT) Healing. I perform sound healing meditations. I offer sessions in UWT Healing, Lemurian Intuitive crystal and soun... Read More » 


Marge Courtney owner of Touch of Sedona and Sedona Art

Touch of Sedona & Sedona Art

I am a purveyor of art and spirit. I consider my sister stores a center for spirituality, exploring creativity, expanding intuition and healing energy of the earth. I enjoy being in retai... Read More » 



Transformation Center CT

We offer group workshops and classes, including the monthly Spiritual Connection & Evolution Class on the second Saturday afternoon, Shamanic Clinics on Zoom the second Tuesday evening an... Read More » 


pVeena Verma-Dzikbrp

Dr. Veena Verma-Dzik, ND, FIAMA

Dr. Verma specializes in treating patients with Lyme disease and other vector-borne infections, women’s health, ADD/ADHD, GI conditions, MTHFR, mood imbalances, allergies, fatigue and hor... Read More » 


pNicole Klughersbrp

Vis Wellness Center-Nicole Klughers

As a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncture specialist, former pharmacist and community educator, I offer all-natural solutions to restore optimal health and help people of all ages... Read More » 


pMichael Waldp

The Office of Dr. Michael Wald

Dr. Michael Wald started out as a doctor of chiropractic, then gained his master’s degree as well as two board certifications in nutrition. Read More » 


pWolf Spirit Wellnessp

Wolf Spirit Wellness

Wolf Spirit Wellness and Counseling offers both traditional and alternative mental health counseling for individuals, families, couples and groups. Read More » 



Deadline: The 12th of the month. Contact [email protected] for cheerful and efficient help with your marketing!

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