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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

March 2023 Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

In the March Issue: Health Benefits of NAD Therapy; Haute Healing Oasis Celebrates 5 Years: Detox and Heal at Stamford’s Premier Wellness Spa; Welcome to the  Global Year of 7: How Will 2023 Affect You Personally?; Veggies for the Win: Five Reasons to Choose a Plant-Based Lifestyle; Creating Change: A Health Coach’s Approach; Terry Wahls on Managing Autoimmune Disease With Lifestyle Interventions; Loving Your Kidneys: Edible Allies, Integrative Treatments and Lifestyle Tips; sweet lullaby: Better Sleep for Children; The Selfish Divorce; Meditation for  Longevity; Natural Remedies for Pets: Seven Non-Toxic Treatments for Common Ailments; Plus Much More...
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